Every year a Scenography colloquium organised by DASA Dortmund. First evening of the Colloquium, a dinner is served to connect professionals in the field. For the 2017 edition of the colloquium, we were given the task to design a special experience for the dinner.
The theme of the colloquium was ‘Ausstellung als sozialer Raum’ which translates to ‘Exhibition as a social space’. Therefore we designed one big dinner table, where 250 people can eat together. The table aimed to create unplanned groups for summoning unexpected conversations. The form of this 273 m² table was inspired by the structures made by Ants to connect their own complex workflow.
Inside the 21 x 13 m space, different sized holes and entrances were placed for guests to sit and enjoy their dinner. These carefully placed spaces allowed people to interact with each other and connect strangers.
The table built from 3,5 Ton Wood planks which custom cut into 80 pieces one by one and carefully combined tight together with the support of ca 500 metal table legs.​​​​​​​
Next to the spaces that brings people together we also placed some familiar faces on the table. During the dinner while eating, random portraits poped up in different spots of the table to have an unique interaction with you. ​​​​​​​
To be able to create this unique encounters, during the colloquium breaks, we invited guests to pose for their video portraits. They had no instructions other than being their natural selves and do what they want. They can be on their phones, thinking, talking, looking, sleeping, eating, acting… etc.
Later The videos were projected and mapped on the table with the help of the program madmapper and 6 special projectors carfully hanged and adjusted over the table.
The video portraits had random order and placing to create unique interactions and accompany you & your friends during dinner. 
Design and Execution team: Wassily Erlenbusch, Sebastian Knipp, Geoffrey Burmeister, Kaoutar Aboueloula-Peindl, Hantian Xu, Shanyu Gao, Nils Degenhardt, Sem Zywicki, Lisa Hinzmann, Juliette Palm, Anna Schedler, Mingyu Cheng, Laura Schöler, Vanessa Inckemann
Helping team: Ipek Ugurlu, Betül Göksu, Laura González, Jana Pöstges, Franz Thöricht, Jean Thürer, Katy Brinkhaus, Rene Schnüring
Supervised by Prof. Oliver Langbein
Photo Credits: Matthias Kleinen 
Thanks to DASA Arbeitswelt Ausstellung and Fh Dortmund 

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